The Berlin Airlift

21 July 1949, House of Commons 1

I was very much struck at the way in which all Germany watched the airlift, and how all Germany saw the British and American planes flying to carry food to 2,500,000 Germans whom the Soviet Government were trying to starve. I thought that was worth all the speeches that could have been made by all the peace leaders of Europe to turn the eyes of Germany to where her true destiny lies: namely, in peaceful and honourable association with the Western democracies and with the future into which they hope to lead the world under the auspices of the United Nations organization.

Речь на русском языке Берлинский «воздушный мост»


  1. In defiance of the accords reached in Potsdam in 1945, the Soviet Union established a land-blockade of Berlin. America and Britain mounted a round-the-clock airlift to succour the citizens of the city.